How to help

We need your help to make sure that Vietnamese students will be trained and supported to maximize their potential.

There are many ways to join the CEC whether you are an individual, an organization, or a company. We need your help for our students.

What we need:

  • Small grants to support our students.
  • Larger grants to support our community.
  • Opportunities for improvement, employment for students.
  • Investors willingness to cooperate with us to help Vietnamese students.

Support of enterprises and unions:

If you are a business, we will work with you to build a social responsibility program in partnership with us and tailor your business. We applaud:

  • The support of financial, equipment and services.
  • The skills and time of your employees or your company.

If you are looking for opportunities to support or invest in a nonprofit organization, non-governmental organizations have proven their achievements and achievements in the field of English language training and employment support, Please contact our CEO, Mr Chung Vu Dinh.

All donations trough bank transactions can be sent to our paypal: [email protected]. And the following cryptopia coin addresses:

  • Ethereum: 0x206b7DF369dC405f885cA6a8FB45cBAf0741301B
  • Bitcoin: 37SSCcEzww7BNtUThg1WSKfQbruXTMumxt

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